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Tips for a Greener Records Management

Your company’s choice of supplies and equipment, along with records management practices affects its overall impact to the environment. Today, a lot of companies and organizations are discovering first-hand that going green is great for business. By making your records management program more environmentally friendly, it provides a multitude of benefits that goes beyond the feel good factor. Not only does becoming eco-friendly help sustain the planet, it also help you save money ...

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Records Retention for Electronic Records

Presentation discussing legal issues concerning retention for electronic records.  Originally presented at the ARMA 2003 conference. Download a PDF of the presentation.

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IRCH Press Release (October 13, 2014)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (October 13, 2014) Andre Cabral Information Requirements Clearinghouse 303-721-7500 x105 Simplifying Your Retention Schedule Effective and Efficient Retention Scheduling Method Greenwood Village, Colorado: Retention Manager by Information Requirements Clearinghouse remains the gold standard of retention schedule development systems available today. A 30 year record of proven success has simplified what was once a daunting and seemingly-impossible task. Retention schedules are huge puzzles with thousands of pieces of information which constantly change. IRCH has spent years of developing ...

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Tips for Making Cloud Records Storage a Success

From music streaming to data backup, cloud storage is being used by almost everyone these days. With the market for cloud storage services starting to get crowded, it is not surprising that the cloud has entered the world of records management as well. Cloud storage gives small businesses an opportunity to share, access and protect sensitive data. Since a huge percentage of small businesses aren’t capable of managing on-site technology resources, cloud storage becomes ...

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Ways to Reduce Storage Costs and Free Up Floor Space

Storing and managing physical records has always been a challenging task. Unfortunately, it just keeps getting harder. Despite the promise that paper would go the way of dodo in the electronic age, the volume of physical records has been increasing at a steady rate. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Commercial real estate costs are once again on the rise, which is another factor putting the squeeze on paper records. These 2 ...

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Legal Requirements for Records Retention . . . The Three-Year Presumption!

By Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM, FAI A large number of records managers are responsible for researching and analyzing legal requirements for records maintained by their organizations. The process of performing this legal research was discussed in an earlier article.1 This article deals with the analysis of the most difficult legal requirements related to records retention - those laws which require records to be maintained, but do not specify a retention period and those ...

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About IRCH

Information Requirements Clearinghouse (IRCH) provides market-leading products and services helping customers reduce costs and risks by implementing legally-defensible retention and destruction practices for their business records. IRCH is considered the leading global resource for Retention Schedule development since 1984.

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IRCH will participate as a vendor at the 2014 ARMA International Conference at the San Diego Convention Center on October 25-27, 2014 in San Diego, California. On October 26, 2014, Donald Skupsky will be speaking at the conference on the topic Legal Update 2014: Responding to Changes in the Law.

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We offer the best available expertise and experience in developing corporate Records Retention Schedules. For over 30 years, we have provided Records Retention Schedule Consulting to more Fortune 500 companies than any other service. Retention authority Donald Skupsky personally leads our top-tier yet surprisingly affordable consulting services. Click here for more about our proven approach to Records Retention.

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