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What Is a Record?

According to ARMA international, a record is any recorded information, regardless of medium or characteristics, made or received by an organization that is evidence of its operations, and has value requiring its retention for a specific period of time. Records are a fundamental component of most data structures. They include all papers, books, photographs, maps, machine-readable materials and other documentary materials. Life cycle of a record Records have life similar to that of a biological creature. ...

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ARMA Live! 2014

ARMA Live! 2014

We are proud to be exhibiting at ARMA Live! 2014 and we hope to see you there! Be sure to visit us in booth 1638 to learn more about our company including: What is a record and what makes it legal? What makes a records management program legal? Social Media, Emails, Tweets, when does a digital post become a record? Admissibility of records into evidence, including originals, duplicates, and electronic records? To learn more about IRCH and our software, please click to watch our ...

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The Bucket Theory – Getting It Right!

The Right Number of Record Series for Each Group or Department By Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM, FAI, MIT Few topics have fostered more debates in the last few years than the optimal number of record series categories or “buckets.” In an electronic document management systems, when users need to classify records they must place it in a bucket or category. Some argue that too many buckets slow the process and produce inconsistent assignments. Others ...

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Retention Manager 4 (2014)

New version of their successful and proven retention software tool Retention Manager is the most advanced, full-featured software for developing and maintaining legally-compliant retention schedules. The advanced features of Retention Manager include: automated record keeping legal research for US Federal, all states, and many foreign jurisdictions over 400 industry-standard record series Industry leading database of over 16,000 retention laws and regulations user record inventory import export to compatible Content Management systems regular legal research updates Departmental retention schedules, office of record designation, ...

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Legal Requirements for Electronic Records Retention for Law Firms

You can also download the pdf at: Records Retention for Law Firms

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Upper Management Changes Attitude Towards Records Management

In recent years upper management has changed how they view records management. Learn our take on this change in the following slides: To download complete slide deck, please click: Upper Management Changes Attitude Towards Records Management

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Information Requirements Clearinghouse (IRCH) provides market-leading products and services helping customers reduce costs and risks by implementing legally-defensible retention and destruction practices for their business records. IRCH is considered the leading global resource for Retention Schedule development. Learn more watching our video.

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The anticipated release of Retention Manager 4 is approaching. Click here to learn more.
RecordLion becomes the newest certified partner for Retention Manager. Click here to read the press release or here to learn more about the Retention Manager partner program.

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We offer the best available expertise and experience in developing corporate Records Retention Schedules. For over 30 years, we have provided Records Retention Schedule Consulting to more Fortune 500 companies than any other service. Retention authority Donald Skupsky personally leads our top-tier yet surprisingly affordable consulting services. Click here for more about our proven approach to Records Retention.

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